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Document Required For Property Valuation

Here you can find out complete checklist of Document required for Property Valuation. Documents list vary for each type of property and purpose of valuation. Checkout Document required for Land Valuation, Agriculture Land Valuation, House/flat Valuation, Office Building Valuation etc. Further we provide Government Approved Valuers Report for Property across India.

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Property Valuation Document Requirement

When it comes to property valuation, there are several important documents that are required to determine the accurate value and Ownership of the property. These documents provide crucial information that helps in assessing the latest market value of the property, and they include:

  1. Index Copy: The index copy is document where area, address, and owner of property mentioned. generally index copy issued by registrar on completion of transfer of sale agreement.
  2. Land Record: For Agriculture Land Record of 7-12 Survey, 8-A or Land Patta Record required.
  3. Title Deed: The title deed is one of the most important documents required for property valuation. It is a legal document that proves ownership of the property and contains vital information such as the name of the owner, the description of the property, and any encumbrances on the property.
  4. Property Tax Receipts: Property tax receipts/ Bill provide information about the amount of property tax paid by the owner of the property. This information is used to determine the value of the property as it is an indicator of the value assigned to the property by the local government Authority.
  5. Sale Deed: The sale deed is a legal document that records the transfer of ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer. It contains information such as the purchase price of the property, the date of the transaction, and the details of the parties involved.
  6. Occupancy Certificate: An occupancy certificate is required for newly constructed buildings or properties that have undergone major renovations. This document certifies that the property is safe to occupy and has been constructed in accordance with the local building codes and regulations.
  7. Any Other Proof: Any other document which justify ownership, Possession, and area of property.
Documents required for Property Valuation for VISA

Why Property Document required for Valuation?

For Assessing Property Valuation as on latest date, we need exact location of property, Area of property or land, Building Construction year. Further, to make valuation report for various purpose we have to check ownership of premises or land. for those reasons we need property documents. Also it is mandatory for Government Approved Valuer to check all the Documents for Property Valuation.

Summary of Required Document for Property Valuation

  1. Agriculture Land / Farms – For Agriculture Land we need any of followings Documents for Valuation of Property
    • 8-A Khata Record (Agriculture Land Account Summary)
    • 7-12 Survey Record (Survey Number of Farm)
    • Land Patta Records
    • Purchase Agreement
  2. Urban Land/ Plots / Space – For Plot, Urban Land We need any of
    • Index Copy (from Panchayat / Corporation)
    • Property Tax Receipt
    • Sale Agreement
  3. House/Home/Tenement/Rowhouse/Flat/Apartment’s/Bungalow: Documents required for Valuation of  House, Home, Tenement, Rowhouse, Flat, Apartment’s, Bungalow are any of below
    • Index Copy
    • Property Tax Bill
    • Electricity Bill and Area Proof
    • Sale Agreement
    • Gift Deed/will/Power of Attorney etc
    • allotment letter from builder
  4. Office/Commercial Building/Shop/Showroom/Corporate House/Factory/Go down/Warehouse etc : For Commercial and Industrial Premises like Office, Shop, Showroom, Factory, Warehouse etc we need any of followings
    • Registrar Index Copy
    • Property Tax Acknowledgement
    • Electricity Bill and Area Proof
    • Sale Agreement
    • Title Deed or Allotment Letter or Building Usage Permission Letter