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Are you searching for Property Valuation Report or Certificate for VISA Purpose In Odisha State? If yes, you are at right place we are the nearest Property Valuer from your location in Odisha. Connect with us now and get property valuation report within 3 hour.

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Property Valuation Service in Odisha

If you’re planning to apply for a visa to visit Odisha, India, it’s important to understand the property valuation process in the state. Property valuation is a necessary step in the visa process, as it helps to determine the value of the property you own or intend to purchase in Odisha. This information is required by the visa authorities to verify the authenticity of your financial documents and assess your ability to fund your trip. Additionally, we offer Chartered Engineers’ Valuation Reports tailored for various needs such as visa applications, income tax requirements, property sales, loan applications, and more, specifically for properties located in Odisha.

In Odisha, property valuation is carried out by certified professionals known as property valuers. These experts evaluate the market value of your property, taking into consideration a range of factors such as its location, size, condition, and market demand. They use specialized tools and techniques to arrive at a fair and accurate value, which is then used to verify your financial standing in the visa application process.

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Property Valuation Service in Odisha

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VISA Valuation Service in Odisha

Government Approved Property Valuer in Odisha

What are the Documents required for Property Valuation in Odisha?

Odisha –  For Residential House / Bungalow / Flat / Tenement etc – Tax Bill or Index Copy or Sale Agreement or Power of Attorney 

Agriculture Land – 7/12 or 8A Record –  State Record

Other Property – Sale Agreement

Language of Documents We Consider –  Local , Hindi, English, Urdu.

Charges for Property Valuation in Odisha

Odisha Based Property Valuation Certificate for VISA Purpose Charges Rs. 3500/- Per Property.

Other Purpose – Call us for Charges

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Current Property Valuation for Odisha: Fiscal Year 2024-25

Based on the recent Engineers’ and Architects’ Survey on Property Valuation in Odisha, a comprehensive range of valuation per square meter/feet is provided following thorough analysis.

  1. Agricultural Land: Survey conducted January 31, 2024
  2. Urban Land: Survey conducted February 02, 2024
  3. Building/House with Land: Survey conducted March 28, 2024
  4. Flat or Apartment: Survey conducted April 01, 2024
  5. Shop and Commercial Rates: Survey conducted January 12, 2024