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Property Valuation Report Format

Sample Format of Property Valuation Depends on Purpose of usage. Property Valuation from Government Approved Licensed Valuer should contain certain minimum information of owner and property. Further, Method of Valuation should be clearly stated in report itself. we have multiple format which can be customized as per requirement of client and use.

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What Should Be Included in Property Valuation Format?

Property valuation report is a comprehensive document that provides an estimate of the value of a property. The report typically includes a detailed analysis of the property and the surrounding area, as well as any factors that may affect its value. Here are some of the key components that should be included in a property valuation report:

  1. Property Details: The report should begin with a description of the property being valued, including the address, size, age, condition, and any unique features.+

  2. Owner Details: Ownership Must be Clearly Mentioned with Identification. That will help user of report to understand ownership pattern like joint owner etc.
  3. Purpose of the Valuation: The report should specify the purpose of the valuation, such as for VISA Application, mortgage lending, taxation, legal proceedings, or sale purposes.

  4. Valuation Approach: The report should explain the methodology used to determine the property’s value. The most common methods are the comparative approach, Market Value, Govt Circle Rate, the income approach, and the cost approach.

  5. Market Analysis: The report should include an analysis of the local property market, including recent sales of similar properties in the area, trends, and demand and supply factors.

  6. Property Inspection: The report should describe the inspection process, including any significant findings or issues that may affect the property’s value.

  7. Assumptions and Limitations: The report should disclose any assumptions made during the valuation process and any limitations on the accuracy of the valuation.

  8. Valuation Results: The report should provide a clear indication of the estimated value of the property, including any adjustments made to the value based on factors such as location, condition, and other relevant variables.

  9. Supporting Documentation: The report should include supporting documentation such as photographs, maps, and relevant market data used to support the valuation.

  10. Conclusion and Recommendations: The report should conclude with a summary of the findings and any recommendations for further actions, such as repairs or renovations, to increase the property’s value.

  11. Credentials and Qualifications: The report should include the qualifications and credentials of the valuer, including any professional affiliations and licenses.

Overall, a property valuation report should be a thorough and unbiased analysis of the property’s value, supported by detailed research and analysis. It should provide a clear understanding of the property’s strengths and weaknesses and any factors that may affect its value. Also, Drafting must be clear and Productive, Reader of this Report like Foreign Embassy for VISA Purpose must easily understand by merely reading of valuation report.

Also, Based on requirement certain information can be added. Request us for Excel Copy of Valuation report format or Word File of Valuation Certificate sample.

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Sample Copy of Valuer Certificate for VISA Purpose

Property Valuation Report Format
Page 1 : Valuation Certificate
Property Valuation for VISA Sample Certificate
Page 2 : Report with Sign

Property Valuation Certificate Format




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Date: 01/03/2023

File No.: Sample-1

Name of Property Owner: Mr. Vijay Sharma

Purpose of Valuation: Property Valuation for VISA of Ms. Archana Vijay Sharma (Daughter)


1.     Property Details

a.     Address of Property: Florence 1, Embassy Road, Global Marker, VISA Arena, Across India, India

b.     Type of Property: Flat/House/Land/Villa/Farm/Plot/Bungalows

c.      Age of Property: 2 Year

d.     Description and Remark: if any


2.     Area of Property Considered for Valuation:

a.     Build-up Area – 1000 Sq Ft

b.     Super Build up Area – 1200 Sq Ft


3.     Value of Property: 100,00,000 INR (Market Value)


a.     Market Value: 100,00,000

b.     Realizable Value: 85,00,000

c.      Insurable Value:70,00,000


4.     Valuation Method

a.     Our Market Inquiry among Real Estate Brokers and Agents in the said Area has revealed that Similar Sized Property in the Vicinity of The Property at Nearest area are available at a Rate ranging Based on Property Area. Depending on Size, Situation, Location, Access from The Main Road, Demand and Supply of the Similar Properties etc.

b.     Land Area – 1200 Sq Ft – Value Rs. 8000 Per Sq. Ft (Example)

c.      Super Buildup Area – 1000 – Value Rs. 8000 Per Sq Ft (Eg.)

d.     Total Value Rs. 100,00,000


5.     Government Guidelines Rate (Circle Rate/ Jantri Rate/ Stamp Duty):

a.     Guideline Rate for the purpose of Stamp Duty (Year 2022) of The Property in this Surrounding Area (Approx) for Premises is 700 per Sq. Ft.

6.     Details of Documents

a.     Layout Plan: Authority Approved – Municipal Corporation

b.     Construction Approval No.: NA

c.      Photocopy of Legal Documents: Sale Agreement/Index copy/Tax bill

7.     Other Technical Details (Annexure – If any)


8.     Premises Photo (Annexure – If any)


9.     Declaration: I Hereby Declare That


a.     The information furnished in this report is true and correct of my knowledge and belief.

b.     I have no direct or indirect interest in the property being valued.

c.      This report or part shall not be used for any other then mentioned in this report.

d.     Future life of property is based on proper maintenance of property.

e.     This is only valuation report and it does not contain any legal aspect.

f.       Property is identified by owner

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Signature of Govt Approved Valuer (With Seal and License No.)