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Property Valuation Service in Uttarakhand

Are you in search of property valuation services in Uttarakhand? We are a government-approved property valuer in Uttarakhand, providing fast and reliable property valuation services across the state. Connect with us for your property valuation requirements and receive your valuation report/certificate within 3 hours. Don’t let the hassle of property valuation hold you back, contact us today!

Looking for Property Valuer in Uttarakhand?

Property Valuation Service in Uttarakhand

Are you in need of Property Valuation Service in Uttarakhand? Property Valuation required mainly for VISA Purpose. Any kind of VISA like Student VISA, Visitor VISA, Tourist or PR VISA Required to show financial Status of applicant. We are providing Valuation service in Uttarakhand. We have CA, CE Government Approved for VISA Valuation in Uttarakhand Whole State.

Additionally, we offer Chartered Engineers’ Valuation Reports tailored for various purposes such as visa applications, income tax assessment, property sales, loan applications, etc., specifically designed for properties located in Uttarakhand.

Property Valuation in Uttarakhand
Valuation Service in Uttarakhand
Types VISA Applicant for whom we are providing Valuation of Property
Government Approved Property Valuer in Uttarakhand
What are the Documents required for Property Valuation in Uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand Residential House / Bungalow / Flat / Tenement / Commercial Spaces etc. – Tax Bill or Index Copy or Sale Agreement or Power of Attorney, Registry (Document Must Specify Name of Owner and Area of Property)

Agriculture Land – 7/12 or 8A Record –  State Record

Other Property – Sale Agreement

Language of Documents We Consider –  Local , Hindi, English.

Charges for Property Valuation in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand Based Property Valuation Certificate for VISA Purpose Charges Rs. 4000/- Per Property.

Other Purpose – Call us for Charges

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Updated Property Valuation Figures for Uttarakhand: Fiscal Year 2024-25

As per the recent survey conducted by Engineers and Architects concerning property valuation in Uttarakhand, the range of valuation per square meter/feet is available based on the following survey and analysis:

  1. Flats or Apartments: Survey Conducted in April 2024
  2. Buildings/Houses Attached to Land: Survey Conducted in March 2024
  3. Urban Land: Latest Survey Conducted in February 2024
  4. Commercial Properties and Shop Rates: Survey Conducted in January 2024
  5. Agricultural Land: Most Recent Survey Conducted in January 2024