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Property Valuation for Student VISA | Immigration

Are you Student or Parents of Student? or a Applicant who has is interested in Visitor, F1, Tourist VISA? You certainly going to need Property Valuation for student VISA from Authorized Valuer. We are Recognized Valuer for VISA Purpose Property Valuation Across India. We are providing Services to All States with their Villages and City, We are available near to your location for VISA Purpose Valuation.

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Property Valuation Report for Student VISA

When applying for a student visa from India, the wealthiness of parents is have some impact on the application process and to understand the future expense meeting feasibility.

University and Embassy check the financial status and Property holding of parents to take decision whether person/student is capable to fulfill expense as per their internal policy.

Visitor VISA and Tourist VISA also required Property Valuation, Basic need to such valuation report is to establish nature of visit and chances of person will comeback to home country on due time. Person having substantial interest/financial interest in India will have higher chances that he/she will not violate the VISA Term.

One of the primary requirements for obtaining a student visa is to demonstrate sufficient funds to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other related costs for the duration of the program. In this regard, the financial status of the student or their sponsor, if any, is an essential factor.

If the parents of the student are sponsoring the education, their income and financial standing will be taken into consideration to determine whether they can provide sufficient funds for the student’s education. In such cases, it is important to provide adequate documentation, including bank statements, income tax returns, and other financial records to establish financial capability.

Thus, while the wealthiness of parents may have some impact on the application process, particularly in demonstrating financial capability and eligibility for financial assistance.

Student VISA Immigration Purpose Property Valuation

Types of VISA Where Property Valuation Report Required

Reason for Obtaining Property Valuation for VISA

Wealth is important factor to assess for embassy, Foreign Embassy always prefer the wealthy candidate. however there is no such limit of minimum wealth of candidate. based on experience we have certain reason why you should get property valuation done while applying for VISA.

  1. Student VISA – Wealthiness for Study Expense, Living Expense in foreign country
  2. Family Visitor VISA & Tourist VISA – To check applicant have material interest in home country to comeback on completion of VISA term
  3. Working Permit & Business VISA – to check  financial position
  4. PR (Permanent Resident)  – To assess wealth of person which can be moved from home country to foreign country on requirement.
Essential Reports for VISA Application

VISA Application is hectic process, and also if your VISA gets rejected on first application then it will be hardest thing to get approval on second attempt. So, we recommend that your first application must be complete and strong. Therefor, you need show certain strong financial background while applying for VISA. Now question is what makes strong case for VISA Approval, there are multiple option but one we suggest is that, you should get your property valued by Govt Approved valuer on latest market price. Secondly make summary of all assets with property valuation report via Chartered Accountant Report for VISA. In CA Networth Certificate generally considered all the Assets Movable as well as Immovable. Thirdly, One can include family Annual Income Certificate from CA which will be advisible for all student VISA Applicant. So, Don’t take risk and apply VISA with Strong Financial background Data.